Academic Overview

Grand View focuses on providing innovative learning opportunities for students through rigorous academic pursuits combined with collaborative work toward the common goal of developing the whole child.

Grand View Elementary School of innovation, design thinking and inquiry expects every child to be involved in rich, rigorous, exemplary learning opportunities every day. To this end, a variety of programs are offered.

We offer the rigorous St. Vrain Valley School District curriculum in conjunction with many innovative problem solving and critical thinking activities. 

Classrooms & Learning Experiences

Every student at Grand View Elementary will be provided with a wide variety of rich learning experiences that are challenging and differentiated to support our school mission. It is our expectation for students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers, supported by a strong foundation of basic skills. The daily use of instructional technology will not only support, but enhance their learning.

Innovation & Instruction

Instruction at Grand View will be directly related to our instructional focus of Innovation and utilizing the Design Thinking Process. Standards-based instruction allows for students to receive instruction at his/her own level, to be active practitioners and to develop independent skills. Teachers are expected to utilize higher level questioning techniques to facilitate differentiated learning for all students.

Reading & Writing

In addition to utilizing district approved materials, we use leveled books in small group Reading instruction. The foundation of writing instruction is to teach students the essential traits of writing, and how to engage in the writing process of drafting, revising, editing, publishing, sharing their work across all content areas.


In mathematics, students will develop accurate, fluent, and effective methods for solving problems, and making connections to other content areas. They will construct knowledge through the use of a variety of tools including manipulatives and technology. Instruction will be provided as a whole group, in small groups, in pairs and individually. Students are expected to become fluent in basic facts.


Our Science curriculum is based on FOSS kits which provide students with hands-on learning based on the scientific process. All students in grades K-5 will utilize Science Notebooking as a central place where language, data, and experience work together to form meaning for the students.


The Specials programs at Grand View will include Art, Music and Physical Education. Students in grades K-5 attend these classes on a rotating basis, spending 45 minutes per day in one of these classes. The instruction in Specials is based on district standards, and will also support our focus of innovation and design thinking.

Media Center

Students learn information literacy skills in our Media Center during weekly classes. Students will learn how to utilize all components in the Media Center and will check out books during these classes. Students will be engaged in activities that support the Instructional Focus while in the Media Center.

Students and staff will be allowed to check out materials from our Media Center, and the care of the materials becomes the responsibility of the individual who checks them out. Materials that are lost or damaged must be replaced. Please contact the Media Tech for details.


Classes will visit the makerspace once a week on a specific schedule. The makerspace will also be available for specific project based classroom projects and or special events.


Students will learn how to utilize technology to support their learning. They will have access to a variety of software applications as well as the Internet. Students will have access to Chromebook carts, classroom iPads, a MacBook cart and the green screen room.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Grand View has a program for students whose native language is not English. Students will receive English instruction and support throughout the day from both the ESL teacher and staff. ESL students are integrated fully into the regular classrooms.

Grand View Elementary School