School Safety

The safety of our students, teachers, staff, families, and community members is paramount in our school operations. Our mission is to enhance the educational environment, ensuring each and every student has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential for academic achievement and success. We accomplish this through a partnership with the whole community, which includes students, staff, parents, local businesses and government organizations, and a high functioning school board.

Inclement Weather Procedures

Whenever appropriate, any time our buildings must close due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be instituting online learning days. During these closures to in-person learning, students will receive synchronous direct instruction with additional asynchronous time to complete assignments. To maximize time efficiency for our students and staff, inclement weather online learning days will use a different schedule than our typical synchronous online learning days. Exact schedule times will be set by each individual school.

Safety & Emergency Communications

St. Vrain Valley Schools sends safety and emergency communications via email, text, and voicemail through our Infinite Campus Messenger system. Communication is received by families based on their own notification settings in Infinite Campus. Additionally, messages are posted to the school and district websites.

Building Security and Safety Procedures


For safety reasons we must know who is in the building at all times. We require all guests in our building to sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge (or district ID) during their visit. Parents are asked to not seek access at any other door, and staff is asked to not allow anyone to enter the building through exterior doors.


Due to health and safety concerns, pets may not come into school or be on school
property at any time. Please also note that this applies to student drop off and pick up times. Animals in classrooms for instructional purposes are allowed but only if they do not have fur or would not present any danger to students and staff.

Emergency Plans

Grand View has emergency plans for fire, natural disasters, and unwanted intruders. All procedures are provided for staff in the Safety Handbook. Drills are conducted regularly so that students and staff will know what to do should an emergency arise. Quiet, orderly behavior is expected during all drills and during the implementation of a safety plan.

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

Please use caution when bringing children to school and picking them up after school. The “Hug and Go Lane” at the front of the school (student drop off lane) should only be used to drop students off, and not be used to park for any length of time. The parking lot should never be used for student drop off unless parents park their car and walk their child to the school. Grade level teachers will pick up their students at the front or back of the school, depending on their class location in the building. The bus lane should never be used for parent parking or student
drop off by parents.


Students (and staff) may ride to school. It is the responsibility and decision of the parents to determine whether or not to allow their children to ride to and from school. For safety reasons, bicycles/skateboards/scooters must not be ridden on school property. Locking their bicycle/skateboard/ scooter in the school bike rack fenced in area is required FOR STUDENTS AND STAFF and is the responsibility of the student and staff to secure their belongings appropriately. Helmets should be worn and all safety and traffic rules must be obeyed.

Grand View Elementary School