Grand View Bison Bots logo in fuchsia features a bison robot made up of cogs and gears


Our VEX IQ Team, The Grand View Bison Bots consist of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Teams of four design and build VEX robots in order to compete in this year’s game.


Tanisha Lucero


Students analyze form and function to build a robot that can score the most points given time and construction constraints.  They fine tune their design by iterating and improving their design to increase scoring ability. In competition students work with alliances from all over to complete one-minute matches. Alliances discuss strategy and then work to score as many points possible collaboratively. In addition, students program their robots for autonomous rounds.

STEM Research

As part of their competitive season, students complete research geared towards solving real-world problems with robotics.  Students identify a problem and develop a prototype as a solution based on their research. This is presented at tournaments to add to their overall score.  


We hope that we can count on your help to make our Bison Bots, a success!  Contributions can be made using this link: GV Robotics Donation

Cash or checks made out to Grand View Elementary for VEX IQ Robotics can also be dropped off at the front office.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Grand View Elementary School