Naming, Mascot & Color Selection

Elementary 27 is seeking public participation and engagement in the process of naming the school and selecting a mascot and school colors.  Students, parents and community members will have the opportunity to submit their suggestions for the school name, mascot and colors from February 1-19.  

A naming committee comprised of community members, school administration and staff, parents, and students will select the top five names, mascots and colors.  The top five selections will be presented for a public vote from February 28-March 7.  The top three selections in each cateogry will be presented to the Board of Education who will vote on and adopt the official name, colors, and mascot at the March 14 board meeting.

School facilities may be named after a geographical area, community location or in honor of a deceased individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of education at either the local, state or national level.

Submit as many entries as you want! 

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