Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment:

Students who desire to attend a school or program outside of their designated attendance area may apply for Open Enrollment/Nonresidence authorization for the school or program of their choice. In order to apply, an Open Enrollment/Nonresident Application must be filled out.

If you reside in the attendance area for Grand View Elementary, please continue to the above registration link as appropriate.  If you live outside of the attendance area for Grand View Elementary, you will need to first complete an Open Enrollment application.  To review attendance areas, look at the Maps & Boundaries.

You will receive a notification of an Open Enrollment placement or denial by February 7.  Once you have received notification of your placement to attend Grand View Elementary, please complete the registration steps as per the above links.

If you would like to read more about Open Enrollment, please click here.

For any questions regarding registration, please contact Heather Beede at 303-702-8000 or

Open Enrollment

For additional information on open enrollment within the District, please reference the Board of Education's official policy and regulation: