Mission and Vision


Together, as one, Grand View Elementary empowers all learners to grow as scholars, innovators and leaders.


Together, as one, we are a community of lifelong learners igniting passion through:

Discovery:  problem solving, critical thinking, resiliency
Innovation: empowerment of dreams, risk taking, rigorous academic pursuits
Collaboration: cultivating community by honoring, and interacting with, the world at large
Empathy: focusing on the whole child, joyful learning, diversity

Core Values

Outcomes for Students

   We will:

  • achieve exemplary academic growth through innovation and active involvement in learning
  • embody consistent, positive behavior expectations and interactions

Conditions for Learning

   We will:

  • be a school of one, with the belief that every student is our student
  • provide an innovative learning environment that allows all to succeed
  • respectfully interact with each other to create an environment where everyone feels safe
  • work collaboratively toward a common goal of developing the whole child
  • reflect on, and learn from, our failures and accomplishments

Commitments to Each Other

   We will:

  • support a culture of innovation and mindfulness
  • be consistent with scholastic expectations
  • build relationships with our school community
  • exhibit positive intentions
  • model learning for our students
  • be respectful regarding time and resources
  • celebrate accomplishments
  • honor and respect all ideas
  • commit to our shared mission, vision and core values